Welcome to Backup Power Solutions for Homeowners, a sub-division of Lone Pine Technology. I’m Tom Mattheisen, bringing over 25 years of customer service, site surveys, assessment, and layout experience to crafting tailored backup energy solutions for you. I created after realizing the need for a much more reliable solution to the vast number of power outages we face in our area, and I believe that it’s only going to get worse with more EVs appearing around us, the everchanging weather patterns, the increased need for security along with the ability to work from home-uninterrupted, among other things.  I have the knowledge and training in place to offer you standby generators and alternative power systems, ensuring your home in Montana stays warm and powered, even in your absence.

Understanding the needs of homeowners, especially those who travel and the “snowbirds” that go “south” for the winter, or just have a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th home in our area, we focus on reliable backup power. Montana’s winters can be harsh, posing risks like frozen pipes and power outages. The solutions I offer you ensure your home’s essential systems keep running smoothly, protecting against these risks.

I stand out by speeding up the process and by not being tied to any particular brand or dealer, I objectively assess your needs, saving you time and money. I can guide you through choosing the right system, features, and options, and connect you with the best installing-dealers or even assist the do-it-yourselfers with a plan of action.  The best part… I do not oversell or push you into products or options you probably do not need, and I have a “no-bull” approach. I simply advise.  I’ve even suggested: “This is not for you, but here’s another way!” to some people!

So, if you’re looking for a dependable backup power plan, I’m here to help. Whether you’re safeguarding against winter’s uncertainties or seeking a robust alternative energy solution for your home, reach out to me. Visit or contact me directly for a personalized approach to your home energy needs.